Most Asked Questions & Answers About On Hold Messages & VoiceTech America

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June 9, 2017
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Most Asked Questions & Answers About On Hold Messages & VoiceTech America

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  • How do we Get 2 months Free? Our billing cycle is every 6 months. If a new account pays ahead the first 10 months they will receive 12 months for the price of 10.


  • How does pricing work for On Hold Messages? First Year is $19.95 a month-After 1st year your billing goes to $24.95. You will be locked into that price with NO price increases as long as you remain a VoiceTech America customer.


  • What’s included for $19.95? 4 scripts or music changes a year. This includes the original script along with 3 others. Each On Hold Message is 4-5 paragraphs long, up to 300 words total script length.


  • How does my new and future On Hold Messages get put together and written? We email you an information sheet to help you and us gather your company information from hours of business, to what type of business to your web site. You can write your script and we will fine-tune it or we can completely write your message for a small fee.


  • How long has VoiceTech America doing On Hold Message and Voiceovers? VoiceTech America has a 12-year track record of voicing and producing On Hold audio along with TV, Radio and IVR messages. As for script writing we have a 25-year history.


  • How does my On Hold Message get hooked up to my phone system? There are 2 ways it gets installed. First, your phone my have a 1/8” jack that says MOH or Music. Then it just plugs in and you’re set to go. If not, you may need what is called a “punch down”. That’s where the 1/8” cord coming from the On hold Message machine gets cut to expose the 2 wires and then gets wired directly by your phone guy into your phone system. That cost on average is between $50-90. That expense is the customers responsibly. We recommend you send us pictures of your system and we advise you on how compatible your system is.


  • What happens if I want to cancel your service? Is there a contract? There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime. If you have paid ahead you’ll receive a refund as soon as we receive our machine back. You’ll receive a guideline sheet with clear and simple expectations.


  • What happens if the machine breaks down and malfunctions? Because you are paying monthly we replace it at no charge as long as you are a VoiceTech America customer. If you have purchased the machine there is a generous 5-year warranty.


  • What if I already have On Hold Messages, can you update my current system? Yes we can. Just let us know what you currently have and we should be able to match the format in most cases. Not all phone system will work and may be too old.

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