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We Deliver Compelling Message On Hold
and Voice Over Services Nationwide.

VoiceTech America does voice-over work for a broad range of multimedia formats and provides a professional voice to represent your company on the phone, on the air, or online. This in turn reduces hang-ups, educates your customers, and upsells your products and services. For your convenience, VoiceTech America can help you write the perfect script and has a full range of services which can also include IVR messaging to match your message on hold voice for a complete package.

Testimonial From A Trusted Partner

"Quite often we have to get the word out by phone at Time Warner Cable with messages that assist our accounting and service departments. VoiceTech America has always been a friendly voice on those messages, whether a customer calls in to Time Warner or answers their phone to hear a customer service message. Her friendly voice has gone a long way to ease customer relations, her response time is quick, and same day. She has become the voice of our company on the phone and helped us tremendously!"

Time Warner Cable